Welcome to the future home for The Piney Woods, an online journal that documents multiple perspectives on the cultures of the southern United States with a particular emphasis on areas that were historically pine forests. Its aim is to be a repository of information useful to a broad audience, from farmers making a living on the land to scholars interested in the changing landscapes. The journal does not look to define the Piney Woods region, but to provide a space that challenges a singular understanding of the region by offering a fusion of perspectives.

The editors look to publish diverse viewpoints on the cultures in the Piney Woods, past and present. We accept a variety of work, from the scholarly to the creative, in the form of videos, articles, photo essays, photo galleries, and new media presentations. We publish the work of residents of the Piney Woods as well as academics (including anthropologists, sociologists, geographers, historians, creative writers, photographers, and filmmakers). Our pages are open to anyone who can help us see the Piney Woods from another perspective. The journal is intended to be interactive in nature. A work published in The Piney Woods will initiate a chain of responses / supplementary work that furthers knowledge of the region. The published work becomes the first sentence in a dialogue that includes the people living on the land, students, creative writers, and scholars. Solicited responses to published work in The Piney Woods brings more voices to the work and enriches our dialogue. Furthermore, by accepting student work we encourage professors to build lessons around the journal and to solicit work from their students.

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