Race, Gender, and Sexuality Symposium

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Identity and Culture

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The painting depicts a black woman, seated on a planet, gazing out into space. This painting is part of a larger series of “Void Paintings,” in which the same character is seated somewhere in space, lost in her thoughts. This painting was inspired by the concept of intersectionality, which was first coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989 to describe the experiences of people with multiple marginalized identities. We live in a time in which people are more open-minded and are working towards making spaces more inclusive. With that in mind, it is a unique experience to be ostracized in what is supposed to be a safe space. This work explores going into these spaces with an intersectional identity: going into a black space and feeling alone because no one there understands your queerness. Going into a space for women and being the only person of color in the room. Going into a queer space and being surrounded by people who do not understand your experiences as a woman. This painting comes from that feeling of isolation, of being lost in space.

Description: Oil paint on canvas paper.