Graphic novels combine short text and pictures to tell a story or convey information while still engaging the reader visually. This is a potentially useful tool for reaching out to struggling and reluctant readers. Struggling readers have difficulty reading and understanding what it is they are reading. Pictures allow for more context clues than just text alone, allowing for the potential for greater success in comprehension for struggling readers. Reluctant readers, on the other hand, may have more of a distaste for reading. In some cases, they are capable of understanding what they read, but they do not enjoy the activity and tend to avoid it. Graphic novels allow for a more visual experience when reading and potentially grabbing and holding the reluctant readers' interest.

The purpose of this study is to analyze the publication trends in library and information (LIS) journal articles as well as educational journal articles that discuss graphic novels and reluctant or struggling readers, specifically publication trend over time, authorship, core journals, and the number of articles that are based on surveys or interviews.