The Effects of Online Learning Transition During the COVID-19 Pandemic In Pakistan

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Amidst the global pandemic of Covid-19, online learning has been widely used around the country. Teachers’ and students' experiences related to online learning have been explored in this study through the online survey method. This was a novel experience for teachers and students as both groups were not familiar with this mode of education. Hence, it was imperative to explore their experiences with online learning amidst a pandemic. The data for this study was collected from public and private universities of Faisalabad and Lahore. A total of 430 participants (N=100 teachers & N= 330 from Faisalabad and Lahore's colleges and universities were included in the study. The data was gathered using an online survey. The following areas were found to be crucial to the satisfaction of both teachers and students in online classes. Student-faculty contact, technical assistance, organized online classes, and adaptations to enable practical classes were all incorporated in these areas. Since then, this research has focused on a dynamic phenomenon that includes several facets of online learning.

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