The Walter White project began with a few vague notions about creating a website that served as a resource on the late civil rights leader, who led the NAACP for seventeen years. As a figure in the Civil Rights Movement his role is pivotal. In addition his life and work makes him a sort of an intersection connecting the lives of people from the humblest African Americans to those in the highest seats of power. The range of his activities is so diverse and complex that it was challenging to envision how we could, in a non-linear way, best display divergent strands of his life to work in a cohesive whole. The collections and resources related to him are numerous, but scattered, so an online repository presenting his many sides from many places would not only be fitting, but also necessary. Fortunately, soon after embarking on this quest we were selected as fellows to participate in a National Endowment for the Humanities workshop called “Broadening the Digital Humanities” that sought scholars who would use a developing software framework called “Scalar” now in its alpha development stage at the University of Southern California.



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