2023 Children's Book Festival Prerecorded Sessions

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Spring 3-7-2023


Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education, English


Words are containers for what delights, scares, and gives us hope. When playing with language becomes a central focus for ourselves or our classroom, we embrace the mystery of discovery in our hearts.

“The work of writing poetry is the work of letting knowledge pass through our hearts: sharpening our own outer and inner visions; writing and reading poetry; and helping to awaken poetry in ourselves and in all our students.” (Heard, 118) Poets look for the best words to place into the best order to elicit a feeling or connection from the reader. These two authors will lead participants in writing lyrically and putting that writing into a foldable zine. Based on the research of Donald Graves, a teacher of writing should be a writer. Think lyrically and find the writer in you by exploring your own perspective as well as others.Thinking lyrically can inspire writers to find their own words and changing perspective can open doors to new avenues for writing and reaching other hearts.