Date of Award

Summer 8-1-2018

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Human Capital Development


Interdisciplinary Studies and Professional Development

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Heather Annulis

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Human Capital Development

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Cyndi Gaudet

Committee Member 2 Department

Human Capital Development

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Quincy Brown

Committee Member 3 Department

Human Capital Development

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Dale Lunsford

Committee Member 4 Department

Human Capital Development


As employees display a strong commitment to the work environment and experience high marital instability, the criticality of awareness regarding the potential spillover effects between work and marital roles increase (Rogers & May, 2003). Marriage enrichment training (MET) is designed to increase relationship skills and prevent marital distress and divorce. Communication skills, conflict management, stress management and emotional intelligence are techniques taught during MET that can potentially have an impact on the spillover effects within the work environment (Bowling, Hill, & Jencius, 2005). This qualitative study provides connections regarding the spillover effects of MET into the workplace. Semi-structured interviews with MET participants confirmed that spillover effects from MET occurred in the workplace. Two cross-cutting themes were consistently present during participant interviews: a) job-related communication and b) conflict management. Both are essential skills used in the workplace and should encourage organizations to consider MET as a viable training option in future health and wellness training programs.