Date of Award

Summer 2020

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Jae-Hwa Shin

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Christopher Campbell

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Dave Davies

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Cheryl Jenkins

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Fei Xue

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This research investigates the influence of Snapchat microcelebrity endorsement for nonprofit organizations’ PR campaigns through testing the self-disclosure model, source attractiveness model, and congruence or fit model in relation to individuals’ donation intentions and attitudes toward the endorsement. This paper has highlighted the effectiveness of the three models through testing each model three times via three endorsements featuring three different microcelebrities. The result of the survey suggests that self-disclosure practiced by the endorsing microcelebrity has a weak influence on peoples’ donation intention and attitude towards the endorsement. However, physical attractiveness of the endorsing microcelebrity has an influence on people’s donation intentions and attitudes towards the endorsement. Finally, having a congruence relationship between the endorsing microcelebrity and the endorsement has a great influence on peoples’ donation intentions and attitudes towards the endorsement. Therefore, the evidence of the study suggests that when conducting a fundraising campaign, public relations practitioners should choose a microcelebrity who fits their fundraising campaign. This should bring about positive attitudes towards the endorsement and raise peoples’ intentions to donate to the endorsed nonprofit organizations.

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