Browse the contents of Richard McCarthy Lecture Series: Military History:

2019 Spring
"Spy Games: War & Espionage in the 20th Century"
2018 Spring
"'It is too furious': Indigenous Warfare in Early North America"
2015 Fall
"Pivot to Asia"
2015 Spring
"A Great War for Empire"
2014 Fall
"Embedded: War and the Fourth Estate"
2013 Fall
"'We Shall Defend our Island': British Experience of the World Wars
2011 Fall
"Paradigm Shifts in the History of Warfare"
2011 Spring
"Victory Denied: Military Historians Examine Defeat"
2010 Spring
"The Southern Way of War"
2022 Spring
"An Army Afire: The US Army and 'the Problem of Race' in the Vietnam Era"
2021 Spring
"War: How Conflict Shaped Us"
2009 Spring
"War in the Modern Middle East"