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Submissions from 1990

NMR Study of Model Aramid Compounds, M YONEYAMA, William L. Jarrett, and Lon J. Mathias


Foot-Quivering as a Foraging Maneuver Among Migrating Catharus Thrushes, Wang Yong and Frank R. Moore

Submissions from 1988

Osmophore Development in Stanhopea anfracta and S. pulla (Orchidaceae), Kenneth J. Curry

Submissions from 1987


Initiation of Terpenoid Synthesis in Osmophores of Stanhopea anfracta (Orchidaceae): A Cytochemical Study, Kenneth J. Curry


Osmophores of Stanhopea (Orchidaeceae), William Louis Stern, Kenneth J. Curry, and Alec M. Pridgeon