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The Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (GCRL) has a 63 year (and counting) history of annual publication of the peer-reviewed journal Gulf and Caribbean Research (GCR, 2000-present; formerly Gulf Research Reports (GRR) from 1961 - 1999). Extant journals serving the region during this time include Contributions in Marine Science (1945 - 2009), Proceedings of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (since 1948), Bulletin of Marine Science (since 1951), Revista de Biología Tropical (since 1953), Caribbean Journal of Science (since 1961), and Gulf of Mexico Science (previously Northeast Gulf Science, 1977-2018). In the early years of the GCR publication, papers were primarily concerned with research in Mississippi and the northern Gulf of Mexico (GOM), and the majority of authors were from USM/GCRL or the GOM region. However, in the past 15 years, studies from Mexico and the Caribbean dramatically increased, with a concurrent increase in the geographical diversity of authors. Overall, surveys and invento­ries, taxonomy, and life history studies have been most common, and taxa have been dominated by fish and crustaceans. Offshore, benthic and marsh habitats have been the most commonly studied habitats during GCR’s 63 year history.

Recently, the journal has upgraded to a fully online delivery format out of the University of Southern Mississippi on the Aquila platform.  Details of the journal history can be found in the link below. GCR continues to provide an important outlet for peer-reviewed publications from the GOM and Caribbean Sea region.

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The latest GCR Impact Factor (2022) is 1.1, (Journal Citation Reports®, Thomson Reuters 2023).

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