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On the Names of Penaeus setiferus (L.) and Penaeus schmitti Burkenroad

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Dr. Gordon Gunter, who sent me the manuscript of his paper “Specific Names of the Atlantic American White Shrimp (Family Penaeidae)” for comment was so kind to allow me to have my reactions to it published simultaneously with it. Unfortunately I cannot agree with Doctor Gunter’s views on the scientific names that should be used for the two Atlantic species of White Shrimp.

In the first place I believe that Doctor Gunter’s suggestion that the northern species should be known at Penaeus fluviatilis Say and the southern as P. setiferus (L.) instead of respectively P. setiferus (L.) and P. schmitti Burkenroad, is not in accordance with the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature.

Second I believe it against the interest of stability and uniformity of nomenclature to switch a well-known name from one economically important species to another, as this will inevitably lead to serious confusion, and will especially cause difficulties to non-taxonomists.

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