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A Seasonal Ecological Study of Foraminifera from Timbalier Bay, Louisiana

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This study concerns the ecological habits of living Foraminifera from a shallow Louisiana coastal bay during a period of ten months. It is a part of an extensive study undertaken by the Coastal Studies Institute of Louisiana State University to determine the effect of chemical and physical properties of water upon marine life in a large, open bay over an extended period of time. Samples were collected monthly from established locations for the chemical, biological and foraminiferal determinations. Results of the chemical and biological studies will be published by the respective investigators in subsequent papers.

The period of time covered by this portion of the study extended from January 1957 to October 1957. Unfortunately, the chemical and biological studies of the bay ended July 1957. Various chemical determinations which were considered pertinent to the study were continued by the investigator throughout the remaining time.

Physical influences, such as geomorphology, hydrography and climate, are presented in this paper to help determine exactly what effects each had upon the living Foraminifera of the bay. The chemical data of the bottom waters, presented in Tables 20 to 29, are principally the results of the concurrent chemical study of the bay.

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