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A Bibliography of Anomalies of Fishes

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This bibliography was originally intended as an adjunct to the author's current studies of anomalies in marine fish populations. A number of recent notes have shown, however, that present workers are largely unfamiliar with the rather extensive literature on fish teratology in respect to both particular anomalies and their previous recognition in a species or other taxon. There is an evident need for a compilation of the literature and it is hoped that the present work will fulfill its purpose by facilitating current and future studies in this important area of ichthyology.

Standard bibliographical and abstracting sources such as Dean's , "Bibliography of Fishes," "Zoological Record," "Biological Abstracts" and the "Current Bibliography for Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries" have all been searched for applicable citations. Further entries have been obtained from Gemmill's "Teratology of Fishes" and other references available to the writer. It is unfortunate that the included references have not all been read and abstracted but this was beyond the scope of available time and finances.

In general, the bibliography is restricted to naturally occurring anomalies and literature on the experimental production of abnormalities has been omitted. The few exceptions, particularly in the areas of wounds and regeneration, are included because of their obvious application to survival studies on free-living fishes. All citations are given equal status in that no attempt has been made to indicate relative importance of individual contributions. It is doubtful whether any bibliography may be considered complete but it is felt that literature dealing directly with abnormalities has been fairly well covered. The major omissions may be expected in papers of Russian, Baltic and Scandinavian origin as well as in references to teratological material included in studies of a more general nature, and not listed in the titles. In this respect, it is requested that errors of ommission and commission be brought to the writer's attention. Authors of pertinent subject material are requested to forward reprints so that a continuing file on anomalous fishes may be maintained at this Laboratory.

Abbreviations and complete titles of literature sources have largely been compiled from the "World List of Scientific Periodicals" and the "World List of Periodicals for Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries." The full title or place of publication have not been obtained for a few journals and these are identified only by the information available to the writer.

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