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Atlas of Fishes of the St. Louis Bay Drainage in Southern Mississippi

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This atlas presents a comprehensive report on fishes collected in the St. Louis Bay drainage between October 1950 and October 1989, prior to several recent years of accelerated commercial and residential development. A total of 261 samples taken at 126 sites from headwaters of major streams to the mouth of St. Louis Bay resulted in the collection of 75,625 specimens representing 124 species plus 2 hybrid sunfish combinations. Precise locality data are given for each collection site, with number of species and specimens taken at each site, followed by a total list of species taken at each site. A distribution map is presented for each species. The legend on each map includes family name, scientific and common name of the species, number of collection sites, and total number of specimens collected. The geographical location of the St. Louis Bay drainage is briefly described, as are local physical, geological, and vegetational features. We believe this atlas will be a useful document to assess the environmental impacts of future economic development on aquatic communities in the area.

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