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Tanaidacea (Crustacea: Peracardia) of the Gulf of Mexico. IX. Geographical Occurrence of Apseudes olimpiae Gutu, 1986 with a Review of Previous Records for the Genus Apseudes in the Gulf

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Examination of tanaidacean specimens collected from shelf waters of the eastern Gulf of Mexico (Gulf) revealed the presence of the apseudomorph Apseudes olimpiaeGutu, 1986, whose type locality was unknown, but suspected to be Bermuda. It is now determined that the type material actually came from the northeastern Gulf. Although the specific station locality information for the type material has been lost; records indicate that specimens from the Gulf were sent to Romania for study by M. Băcescu and apparently became mixed with material from Bermuda. Based on additional material from the present study, new locality records are established for A. olimpiae in shelf waters (19–47 m) off the coasts of Alabama and northwestern Florida. The original illustrations of Gutu (1986) are reproduced to facilitate the identification of A. olimpiae and a map of its known distribution is provided. A brief review of previous records for the genus Apseudes Leach, 1814 indicates that A. olimpiae is currently the only described species of the genus sensu stricto known with certainty from Gulf waters. The taxonomic status for Gulf specimens of another species in the A. intermedius-bermudeus complex and the “Apseudes sp. A” of Flint and Holland (1980) remain unresolved.

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