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Morphology of the First Zoeal Stage of Platypodiella spectabilis (Herbst, 1794) (Decapoda, Brachyura, Xanthidae) Obtained in the Laboratory

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Ovigerous females of the xanthid crab Platypodiella spectabilis (Herbst, 1794) were obtained from 2 widely separated localities: the Ubatuba coast (Félix Beach, São Paulo) of Brazil and Guana Island in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). First stage zoea larvae were obtained from females at both locations. Those from Brazil are described and illustrated. The first zoea bears dorsal, rostral, and lateral carapace spines, plus a well-developed and spinose antennal protopod that bears a greatly reduced exopod with 2 minute setae. This antennal morphology, along with other characters, places the species among the “Group I” xanthid zoeas of Rice (1980) and Martin (1984, 1988). Differences between larvae from Brazil and those from the BVI are minor and are attributed to within-species variation. Characters that serve to separate these larvae from those of cooccuring xanthids are presented. Comments on the distribution and size of Platypodiella spectabilis are included.

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