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Tanapseudes gutui, a New Species of Apseudomorphan Tanaidacea (Crustacea: Peracarida) from the Caribbean Sea and the Taxonomic Status of the Family Tanapseudidae Băcescu

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Tanapseudes gutui, n. sp., is described from depths of 3–34 m off San Juan, Puerto Rico, and 4– 5 m off Goat Island, Tobago. Tanapseudes sinensis Bamber from Hong Kong waters is re-examined and determined to represent a junior synonym of the type species T. ormuzana Băcescu which was originally collected in the Straights of Hormuz off Iran. Tanapseudes gutui can be distinguished from T. ormuzana by several characters including details of the mouth parts, the presence of a reduced spiniform seta on the distotergal margin of the propodus of pereopod 1, pereonites 3–6 with rounded anterior margins, and a pleotelson lacking a mid-lateral lobe. A neotype is established for T. ormuzana based on a specimen collected from near the original type locality, and its mouth parts and pereopod 1 are illustrated. Largely based on the absence of a palp on the maxillule and the presence of a bifurcate seta on the dactyl of pereopod 1, the family Tanapseudidae Băcescu is now considered a subfamily within the family Kalliapseudidae Lang sensu Gutu. The genus Paradoxapseudes Gutu, formerly within the family Tanapseudidae sensu Gutu, is tentatively transferred to the family Apseudidae Leach.

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