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New Host and Distribution Records for Leidya bimini Pearse, 1951 in the Gulf of Mexico, with Comments on Related Taxa and a Redescription of Cardiocepon pteroides Nobili, 1906 (Crustacea: Isopoda: Bopyridae: Ioninae)

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Examination of grapsoid crabs, Armases cinereum (Bosc, 1802), in the Tampa Bay area revealed that 3.7% were infested with the bopyrid isopod Leidya bimini Pearse, 1951. These records represent a new host for the parasite and an extension of its range into the Gulf of Mexico. The relationships between the species of Leidya Cornalia and Panceri, 1861 and related genera have been difficult to ascertain, partly due to improper placement of some taxa within genera. The genera Leidya, Megacepon George, 1947, Allokepon Markham, 1982, and Cardiocepon Nobili, 1906 are discussed in terms of their species composition and phylogenetic relationships. Three species are placed in new combinations with genera: Leidya sesarmae Pearse, 1930 is tentatively placed in Megacepon, Allokepon goetici (Shiino, 1934) is transferred to Megacepon, and Portunicepon tiariniae Shiino, 1937 is transferred to Allokepon. The holotype of Cardiocepon pteroldes Nobili, 1906 is redescribed and figured, and some errors in the original description are corrected.

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