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A New Species of Protanaissus Sieg, 1982 (Crustacea: Tanaidacea: Peracarida), from South Florida

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A new nototanaid species, Protanaissus floridensis, is described from Biscayne Bay in southeastern Florida. Specimens were collected at a depth of 7 m in muddy sand substrata with associated aquatic vegetation (Thalassia testudinum). Protanaissus floridensis, which represents only the 4th species referable to the genus, is the first species of Protanaissus Sieg, 1982, known from the northern hemisphere. The new species is distinguished from the other 3 species of Protanaissus by 1) the dactylus of pereopod 1 shorter than combined length of propodus and carpus, 2) the dactylus of the cheliped with proximal spine on inner margin and proximal process on outer margin, 3) the fixed finger with 3–4 distal denticles on inner margin, and 4) the uropodal exopod uniarticulated. A key distinguishing the species of Protanaissus is presented.

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