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Stomatopoda (Crustacea: Hoplocarida) from the Shallow, Inshore Waters of the Northern Gulf of Mexico (Apalachicola River, Florida to Port Aransas, Texas)

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Six species representing the order Stomatopoda are reported from the shallow, inshore waters (passes, bays, and estuaries) of the northern Gulf of Mexico limited to a depth of 10 m or less, and by the Apalachicola River (Florida) in the east and Port Aransas (Texas) in the west. With the exception of the “live bottom” gonodactylid, Neogonodactylus bredini (Manning), these predatory crustaceans usually inhabit burrows in mud, sand-mud, and sand substrata in coastal and shelf waters. The species treated in this paper are Neogonodactylus bredini (Manning), Lysiosquilla scabricauda (Lamarck), Bigelowina biminiensis (Bigelow), Coronis scolopendra Latreille, Squilla empusa Say, and Gibbesia neglecta (Gibbes). The questionable record of Squilla rugosa Bigelow by Archer (1948) is discussed. A review of the life history, ecology, distribution, and new northern Gulf of Mexico records is provided here for each of these species. Figures and an illustrated key are also presented.

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