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Marionia tedi Ev. Marcus, 1983 (Nudibranchia, Tritoniidae) in the Gulf of Mexico: First Record of an Opisthobranch Mollusk from Hydrocarbon Cold Seeps

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Cold seeps in the Gulf of Mexico contain relatively diverse molluscan assemblages primarily composed of species that support chemoautotrophic symbionts, such as vesicomyid and mytilid bivalves, but also numerous species of shelled gastropods, bivalves, monoplacophorans, and polyplacophorans (Cordes 2004).

Recent exploration of hydrocarbon seep sites in the Mississippi Canyon and the Vioska Knoll revealed the presence of an unidentified species of nudibranch. The present paper describes the single specimen collected, which constitutes the first published record of an opisthobranch mollusk from a cold seep. The material examined is deposited at the Field Museum of Natural History (FMNH).

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