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Management in the Gulf and Caribbean: Mosaic or Melting Pot?

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Does ''managing large pelagic fishes" mean the same thing across the diversity of maritime jurisdictions, governance arrangements, economies, languages, cultures, scales of operation and other features of the Gulf and Caribbean region? It would be surprising if it did. Yet international fisheries management urges this mosaic of management to become a melting pot; at least integrated, even if differentiated. This paper examines some themes underlying whether a mosaic or melting pot is the most apt metaphor for where we are, and are headed, in attempts to manage large pelagic fishes in the region. We pay particular attention to the multi-dimensional concept of scale. Included are the scales of management units, fisheries authorities, management outcomes, harvest and postharvest enterprises, and the interdisciplinary perspectives that can be brought to bear on fishery problems and solutions. We are also interested in linkages, because linkage is connected to the scaling-up that is important in a region with many small countries and territories. Even if the management of large pelagics starts as a mosaic, coherent patterns of sub-regional and regional interactions can conceivably be nested and linked to improve the integration, and hence effectiveness, of management interventions ... at least in theory.

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