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A History of Change and Reorganization: The Pelagic Longline Fishery in Gouyave, Grenada

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This paper traces the history of the pelagic surface longline fishery in Gouyave, Grenada, noting 4 major periods of change from pre-1985 to 2004. Reconstructed from document reviews, newspaper articles, oral history, and key informant interviews 1) the pre-1985 period was the time when the longline was introduced and popularized by the Cubans, 2) the period of institutionalization and technology development (1986-1990) corresponded to the strengthening of institutional arrangements and the initial improvements in technology, 3) the Coastal Fisheries Development Project (CFDP) of 1991-1999 was the period of international donor support and further technology change in longline construction, and finally 4) the 2000-2004 period marked innovation, training and fish quality control for export markets. The main point of the paper is that fisheries management is about the management of change. Fishery managers need to learn to deal, not only with technology change, but also with surprise and variability related to biophysical change (e.g., hurricanes), change in markets, and other external drivers such as international policies. Key considerations for managers to deal successfully with change include: learning from experience, capacity building, and the need to engage cooperatively with fishers and communities, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations.

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