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Effects of Predation on Infaunal Invertebrates of Alligator Harbor, Florida

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A study of the effect of predation on infaunal invertebrates was carried out from July, 1965, to January, 1966, within the intertidal zone of Florida State University Marine Laboratory area at Alligator Harbor, located on the Northeast Gulf of Mexico. The animals were offered protection by wire-baskets of three different mesh sizes. Out of 1,112 infaunal invertebrates, 800 were recovered inside and 312 outside the baskets. The polychaetes, nemertines, phoronids, amphipods and bivalves made up the infauna; the polychaetes comprised the major part of it. Out of 34 species of polychaetes, six are reported from this area for the first time. The spawning period of two species of polychaetes and one gastropod was also observed, and the seasonal abundance of all polychaetes was noted. The depth preference of infaunal organisms was determined.

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