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Meristic and Morphometric Data on the Flatfish Citharichthys gilberti from Panama

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Citharichthys gilberti Jenkins and Evermann, a common eastern Pacific flatfish, is known from Guaymas and Baja California, Mexico, south to Peru (Miller, 1966). It attains a total length of at least 260 mm (Meek and Hildebrand, 1928), frequently occurs on muddy bottoms and may enter rivers or other brackish water environments. Despite wide distribution there are apparently few literature references to the species and little is known of its life history or development. During a recent trip to the Pacific coast of Panama, C. gilberti was found to be the most abundant flatfish taken at a number of poisoned inshore and intertidal stations. Sufficient specimens were obtained over a broad size range, 18-193 mm SL, to permit the present report on meristic and morphometric characteristics of the isthmian population.

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