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Carpoapseudes heardi N. Sp. (Tanaidacea: Apseudomorpha) from Caribbean Waters Near Tobago

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Carpoapseudes heardi n. sp. is described from samples collected from depths of 421 and 537 m off Tobago and is the first Caribbean record for the genus. The new species bears a resemblance to Carpoapseudes serratospinosus Lang, 1968 and other related species in the shortened dactylus unguis combination of pereopod 1, but has parallel eyespines like Carpoapseudes bacescui Guţu, 1975 and Carpoapseudes simplicirostris (Norman and Stebbing, 1886). Other diagnostic characters include pereopods 2 and 3 with basal spurs, labrum with paired lobes, labial palp with two terminal setae, maxillipedal bases with outer crenulations, and pleopods with 1-articled rami. It was found to lack an epistomal spine and has an unusual form of the third pereopod short propodal spine.

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