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A Comparison of Fish Populations in Shallow Coastal Lagoons with Contrasting Shoalgrass (Halodule wrightii) Cover in the Northcentral Gulf of Mexico

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A number of studies have examined the effects of reduced seagrass cover on local fish populations (e.g., Heck et al. 1989, Ferrell and Bell 1991, Hughes et al. 2002 and more), but few of those studies have focused on shoalgrass (e.g., Tolan et al. 1997, Rydene and Matheson 2003). We present a preliminary comparison of fish populations in three shallow coastal lagoons in the northcentral GOM that have varying levels of shoalgrass cover. Namely, we compare (1) abundances of individual species and the entire fish population, (2) fish population diversity, and (3) length-frequency distributions of the most abundant species.

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