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Observations on the Kalliapseudid Tanaidacea (Crustacea: Malacostraca: Peracarida) from the Northwestern Atlantic, with an Illustrated Key to the Species

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New information for the kalliapseudid Tanaidacea occurring in the northwestern Atlantic is presented and discussed, including data on range extensions and new depth ranges for 4 species. The taxa studied came from the shelf and coastal waters of the southeastern United States, Puerto Rico and Trinidad. The occurrence of Mesokalliapseudes bahamensis Sieg is extended from the Bahamas and Belize to the coastal waters of East and Gulf coasts (South Carolina to West Florida). The range of Psammokalliapseudes granulosus Brum is expanded northward into the eastern Gulf of Mexico and new locality records for this species are established for Tobago and Puerto Rico. Mesokalliapseudes brasiliensis (Băcescu), previously known from the southwestern Atlantic off Brazil, is reported from the coastal waters off Trinidad. The range of Tanapseudes gutui Hansknecht, Heard, and Bamber is expanded northward into the eastern Gulf of Mexico. New depth ranges are established for Alokalliapseudes macsweenyi (Drumm) (82 m), M. bahamensis (52 m), P. granulosus (53 m), and T. gutui (82 m). An offshore form of A. macsweenyi occurs at depths ranging from 10-82 m on the inner and mid continental shelf off the west coast of Florida (Gulf of Mexico); it differs from the coastal form by the shape and dentition of the male and female chelipeds. Synonymies, diagnoses, life history remarks, and an illustrated key to the seven kalliapseudid species known from the NW Atlantic are presented.

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