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Odd Association and Range Extension of Caligus rufimaculatus Wilson, 1905; Caligidae, Siphonostomatoida, Copepoda

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The Caligidae (Siphonostomatoida, Copepoda) comprises more than 465 parasitic species, over 250 of which belong to Caligus Müller, 1785 (Boxshall and Halsey 2004). Caligus spp. are primarily marine; but some representatives routinely inhabit brackish or fresh water (Margolis et al. 1975). Some Caligus spp. have been widely reported from several oceans, others have been documented from a single location, and a few have only been collected as free-swimming individuals not associated with a host (Margolis et al. 1975). Caligus spp. range from being stenoxenous to euryxenous, with most species infecting actinopterygians (Actinopterygii), a much smaller group exclusively or non-exclusively infecting chondrichthyans (primarly elasmobranchs; Elasmobranchii, Chondrichthyes) (Margolis et al. 1975, Tang and Newbound 2004), and one species non-exclusively infecting an invertebrate (Ruangpan and Kabata 1984). Herein, we report a modest range extension for Caligus rufimaculatus Wilson, 1905 based on specimens collected in an odd association with a dead dolphin in the northern Gulf of Mexico (GOM) and we contribute new details regarding the morphology of the parasite.

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