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Effects of Black Mangrove (Avicennia germinans) Expansion on Saltmarsh (Spartina alterniflora) Benthic Communities of the South Texas Coast

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This study examined the effects of mangrove expansion on benthic communities. This was accomplished by examining plant composition, benthic community composition, and belowground root biomass. Two sites were examined: Corpus Christi Pass, Corpus Christi, TX where mangroves have become more common in the last decade and the Lower Laguna Madre, South Padre Island, TX where mangroves are well established. This research seeks to provide preliminary results to provide direction for future studies examining the interplay of S. alterniflora and A. germinans habitat on benthic communities. We hypothesize that the more established site of South Padre Island will have greater numbers of species than the newer communities of Corpus Christi, and that A. germinans habitats will have lower diversity of infaunal organisms than S. alterniflora habitats.

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