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Descriptions of Shrimp Larvae (Family Penaeidae) Off the Mississippi Coast

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Müller (1864) showed that the penaeid egg hatches into a nauplius. Some years later studies of the metamorphosis of penaeid shrimps in the Gulf of Mexico were made (Pearson 1939, Heegaard 1953, Dobkin 1961, Cook and Murphy 1965, and Renfro and Cook 1963). The present paper treats the larvae taken in Mississippi and brings together the descriptions of the larvae scattered in the literature. The salient features of various stages of different species of the six genera studied are pointed out with the aid of drawings to facilitate easier identification. Besides the references cited above, the works of Heldt (1938), Gurney (1924, 1942), Heegaard (1966) and Cook (1966) have been consulted for this presentation.

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