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Elevating Dissolved Oxygen—Reflections on Developing and Using Long-Term Data

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Ocean Reflections


This prospectus took me about as long to generate as my 36—year record of working on the issue of northern Gulf of Mexico (nGOM) oxygen deficiency, or so I felt. There was so much to cover, but I focused on the issue of hypoxia on the Louisiana continental shelf from the early 1980s to present and my participation in the research and outreach. Not that I was ignoring other aspects of my academic research career (e.g., stone crab populations and their differences in physiology and larval development along the nGOM coast; settlement of crab megalopae, especially blue crabs, on artificial substrates and their timing with tidal events; oil and gas pollutant discharges in coastal waters of Louisiana, and as Director of the Coastal Waters Research Consortium (CWC) of the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI), and marsh infaunal researcher. I must say, however, that the journey through the documentation of low dissolved oxygen on the Louisiana continental shelf, and its linkage to the changes in the Mississippi River nutrient loads to the coastal waters of the nGOM, marked a dominant part of my career. This prospectus follows my research and outreach career from my first journey offshore in an outboard to set stations for the transect off Terrebonne Bay in early summer of 1985 to now.

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