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Primary Productivity of Coastal Marshes in Mississippi

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The annual net primary production of nine types of marsh communities common in Mis­sissippi Gulf Coast estuaries were studied by means of the Harvest Method. Production values ranged from 600 g m-2 yr-1 for a Sagittaria lancifolia marsh to 2330 g m-2 yr-1 for a Phragmites communis marsh. Primary productivity values for the other marsh types are Juncus roemerianus - 1697 g m-2 yr-1, Scirpus robustus - 1056 g m-2 yr-1, Spartina cynosuroides - 2190 g m-2 yr-1, Spartina patens - 1922 g m-2 yr-1, Spartina altemijlora tall form - 1964 g m-2 yr-1, S. alternijlora short form - 1089 g m-2 yr-1, and Distichlis spicata - 1484 g m-2 yr-1. Annual net productivity in Mississippi marshes are generally slightly higher than those reported for the Atlantic marshes.

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