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Shrimp Population Densities Within Mobile Bay

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Brown shrimp and white shrimp populations available to the shrimp trawl in Mobile Bay were estimated on a monthly basis by two methods: one using existing commercial statistics and the other using experimental trawling. These methods produced similar estimates for brown shrimp whose peak standing crop in Mobile Bay occurred in June-July and was estimated at 200,000-300,000 pounds. Commercial landings peaked in July at about 342,000 pounds and were higher than the standing crop, indicating an extremely fast growth rate.

White shrimp data were variable, with commercial statistics indicating a crop in Mobile Bay of about 100,000 pounds from September to November and with experimental trawl data indicating a peak of 267,000 pounds in August. Average monthly harvests approached 100,000 pounds from August to October.

Abundance of pink shrimp was erratic and commercial shrimp statistics indicate variation from 475 pounds landed in 1956 to 34,000 pounds landed in 1957.

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