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Penaeid Shrimp Distributions in Mobile Bay, Alabama, Including Low-Salinity Records

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Low-salinity records in the Gulf of Mexico area for taking Penaeus duorarum in water of 0.7‰ and 28°C, and Penaeus aztecus in water of 0.2‰ and 29.5°C were established in Mobile Bay, Alabama. Catches in Mobile Bay of approximately 20,000 each of P. aztecus and Penaeus setiferus, distributed over a 30-month period, show that P. aztecus taken in the hotter months had a wider salinity preference (5 to 30‰) than those taken in the cooler months (10 to 15‰). During the warmer months P. setiferus was most common in waters below 5‰ and during the winter months was almost equally distributed in the various salinities. Few P. duorarum were taken during the survey.

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