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An Improved, Conceptually Simple Technique for Estimating the Productivity of Marsh Vascular Flora

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The estimation of the net primary productivity of marsh communities with a periodic maximum-minimum (PMM) technique has certain advantages over the long used maximum-minimum standing stock technique, but still retains the same conceptual simplicity. The final productivity estimate with PMM is based an the entire data set rather than just two points. Direct statistical comparisons between any two communities can be made. An estimate of the productivity by minor species in the community can also be made. The periodic model permits statistical comparisons about other variables in community growth such as the timing of the maximurn standing crop. With certain assumptions, productivity estimates which account for the loss of live plant material during the growing season can be made without the tremendous amount of effort and-time required by the Wiegert-Evans technique. Despite the increased utility the PMM technique requires no additional field effort.

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