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Observations on the Genus Vaucheria (Xanthophyceae, Vaucheriales) from the Gulf of Mexico

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Investigations of algal mats from several locations along the Gulf of Mexico from Cameron Parish, Louisiana, to Manatee County, Florida, were conducted from February 1979 to February 1980. Habitat preference, distribution, and morphology are reported herein for nine species and one variety of Vaucheria de Candolle. Five taxa–V. arcassionensis, V. aversa, V. coronata, V. prolifera var. reticulospora, and V. pseudogeminata–are first reports for the Gulf of Mexico coastal region. Vaucheria velutina (=V. thuretii), the most abundant taxon identified in the region, is common in diverse habitats. Vaucheria prolifera var. reticulospora is reported for the first time in North America from coastal Mississippi.

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