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Lepidactylus triarticulatus N. Sp., A New Haustoriid Amphipod from the Northern Gulf of Mexico

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A new haustoriid amphipod, Lepidactylus triarticulatus n. sp., from the northern Gulf of Mexico is described and illustrated. The known range is from northern Padre Island, Texas, to Grand Isle, Louisiana. The species is ecologically plastic. On surf-exposed sandy beaches it is most abundant at the highest intertidal levels, but in fine-grained sands of wave-sheltered localities it occurs throughout the intertidal region into shallow subtidal depths. In central Texas bays it has been collected subtidally at salinities as low as 10 ppt. There are differences in morphological details of peraeopod 7 between the intertidal and subtidal populations which we regard as an ecotypic variation. A provisional generic characterization is given for the genus Lepidactylus Say.

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