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Evaluation of Flow-Through, Static, and Recirculating Systems for the Intensive Culture of the Gulf Killifish Fundulus grandis with Observations on a Solar-Heated Recirculating System for the Bait Industry

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Three systems (flow-through, static, and recirculating) for intensive culture of the Gulf killifish (Fundulus grandis) for bait were evaluated. The outdoor recirculating system proved most successful. Killifish maintained in this system attained an average weight of over 2.0 gm in 42 days, an acceptable market size. Whereas the solar-heated recirculating system sustained fish densities equivalent to 1,000,000/ha and a survival rate of 86%, growth of killifish in this system was less than that observed in both the static and outdoor recirculating systems. Algae appeared to be an important nutritional component of the diet of juvenile killifish. Individuals of F. grandis fed diets supplemented with algae grew better than those maintained without them.

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