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The Occurrence of Lightiella Jones, 1961 (Crustacea: Cephalocarida) in Mobile Bay, Alabama

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During July 1979, two adult specimens belonging to the cephalocaridan genus Lightiella Jones, 1961 were collected in a box core sample taken at the mouth of Mobile Bay, Alabama. These two specimens were compared to the four described species of Lightiella, and found to be most similar to the northeastern Atlantic species of L. incisa Gooding, 1963 and L. floridana McLaughlin, 1976. Due to a combination of differences in the thoracopodal setation and incisor process of the mandible, the Mobile Bay form cannot at this time be assigned to any of the described species of Lightiella. The two Mobile Bay specimens may represent an undescribed species or an ecophenotypic variant of L. incisa, but until more specimens from Mobile Bay and adjacent waters are available for study, no conclusions can be made on specific identity of this form. Interpretive problems concerning morphological characters of the Mobile Bay specimens and previously described species of Lightiella are briefly discussed.

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