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Taxonomy and Distribution of Edotea (= Tropedotea) lyonsi (Menzies and Kruczynski, 1983) N. Comb. (Crustacea: Isopoda: Idoteidae)

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Tropedotea lyonsi Menzies and Kruczynski, 1983, is reported from the waters off Alabama southeastward to Cape Romano, Florida. The monotypic genus Tropedotea was recently erected on the basis of coxal plates of pereonites V to VI1 visible in dorsal view and a reduced number of articles in both antennae. Pereonites V to VI11 are also visible in dorsal view in Edotea Guérin-Ménéville, 1843, and the number of articles in antenna 1 and 2 of Tropedotea Menzies and Kruczynski, 1983, is the same as in Edotea. Hence Tropedotea lyonsi is assigned to the genus Edotea and Tropedotea is designated a junior synonym of Edotea.

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