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A Key to the Porcellanid Crab Zoeae (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomura) of the North Central Gulf of Mexico and a Comparison of Meristic Characters of Four Species

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A taxonomic key is provided for the two zoeal stages of five genera and six species of the Porcellanidae (Crustacea: Anomura) from the north central Gulf of Mexico. Measurements, carapace structures, and appendages are compared among zoeal specimens of Euceramus praelongus Stimpson, 1860; Petrolisthes armatus (Gibbes, 1850); Polyonyx gibbesi Haig, 1956; and Porcellana sigsbeiana A. Milne-Edwards, 1880. Positive correlations are noted between rostral spine length and carapace length in E. praelongus (zoeae I) and P. sigsbeiana (zoeae I) and in posterior spine lengths and carapace length in E. praelongus (zoeae I) and P. gibbesi (zoeae I).

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