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A Range Extension for Manayunkia aestuarina (Bourne, 1883) (Polychaeta: Sabellidae) to the Gulf Coast of the United States with a Review of Previous Habitat Information

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The sabellid polychaete Manayunkia aestuarina (Bourne, 1883) is reported for the first time from the Gulf coast of the United States and from a Juncus roemerianus marsh. Individuals were collected from a brackish J. roemerianus marsh in St. Louis Bay, Mississippi, (30o22'N, 89o15'W) during the period of June 1979 to May 1980. Adults with eggs were first noted in early January and increased in number through May. Brooded young were observed from late January through May. Habitat comparisons are made between this and other North American and European populations. The present population is associated with lower salinities, more sandy sediments, and much less frequent tidal inundation than the others. A brief taxonomic discussion is presented.

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