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Amphipods of the Family Ampeliscidae (Gammaridea). III. Ampelisca parapacifica, a New Species of Amphipod from the Western North Atlantic with the Designation of a Substitute Name for A. eschrichtii pacifica Gurjanova, 1955

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A new species of benthic amphipod, Ampelisca parapacifica, is described from the southeastern Gulf of Mexico and compared with the closely allied Ampelisca pacifica Holmes, 1908, from the eastern Pacific. The distinctive form of the third uropod separates this species pair from other members of the "macrocephala" subgroup of the genus Ampelisca Kroyer, 1842. Ampelisca parapacifica is distinguished from A. pacifica by antenna I peduncle segment 2 less t}an twice the length of article 1 and uropod I peduncle shorter than the rami. Previous Atlantic records of A. pacifica are assigned to the proposed new species. The Pacific populations of A. eschrichtii pacifica Gurjanova, 1955, were elevated to the species rank by Karaman, unaware that the name A. pacifica was preoccupied. A substitute name, A. karamani, nomen novum, is designated for the form described by Gurjanova.

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