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A Review of the Genus Clythrocerus (Brachyura: Dorippidae) in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico with Notes on Clythrocerus stimpsoni

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The four members of the dorippid crab genus Clythrocerus from the Gulf of Mexico are reviewed. The rediscovery of C. stimpsoni has allowed for the first description of the male of the species. Known previously only from the unique holotypic female, the rediscovery of C. stimpsoni is based on material from the same general area as the type-locality. Clythrocerus granulatus and C. perpusillus are reported for the first time from the Gulf of Mexico. The latter form was the most frequently collected species of Clythrocerus from the study area. Although no specimens of C. nitidus occurred in our samples, previous records from the Gulf of Mexico are reviewed and the species is figured from supplemental material. Available sediment data are given for the species and male gonopods are figured.

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