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Tanaidacea (Crustacea: Peracardia) of the Gulf of Mexico. IV. On Nototanoides trifurcatus Gen. Nov., Sp. Nov., with a Key to the Genera of the Nototanaidae

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Nototanoides trifurcatus gen. nov., sp. nov. is described and illustrated from the Gulf of Mexico. Nototanoides differs from the other genera of the family by the male possessing a vestigial maxilliped. It most closely resembles the genera Nototanais and Androtanais. In addition to the differences of the maxillipeds the males of Nototanoides can be separated by the 4-segmented antenna 1 and the females are distinguished by the trifurcate spine on the second segment of the palp of the maxilliped. A key to known genera of the family Nototanaidae is presented.

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