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Yield-Per-Recruit of Spotted Seatrout

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Short Communication


A von Bertalanffy growth curve,

L = 65.47 cm (1 - e-.2005 (t + .4113 yr)),

is derived from published data on spotted seatrout in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and used in constructing a yield-per-recruit contour. Maximum yield-per-recruit is approached as F increases above 1 and age of first entry approaches 3.9 years (14.9 in., 1.1 lb). A linear regression is derived relating average size of capture to gill net mesh size (MS in inches),

L = 1.97 in. + 8.63 MS,

and used along with legal sizes of first harvest to evaluate the impact of current laws in the Gulf states on yield-per-recruit of spotted seatrout.

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