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Acanthohaustorius uncinus, a New Species of Sand-Burrowing Amphipod from the Northern Gulf of Mexico, with Notes on its Ecology (Haustoriidae: Haustoriinae)


John M. Foster

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A new species of sand-burrowing amphipod, Acanthohaustorius uncinus, is described from vegetated and unvegetated estuarine sands from St. Andrew Bay, Florida and East Ship Island, Mississippi. The genus Acanthohaustorius has been informally recorded from St. Andrew Bay, but this species is now formally described from the Gulf of Mexico. A. uncinus n. sp. is most similar to A. millsi of the Open American Atlantic coast. It differs from A. millsi in the presence of a dorsally directed, hooked spine on the peduncle of uropod 1 and the totally cleft telson lobes. Information on the ecology of A. uncinus n. sp. in St. Andrew Bay is provided, along with a revised key to the known species of Acanthohaustorius and a brief review of haustoriid studies in the Gulf of Mexico.

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