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Tanaidacea (Crustacea: Peracardia) of the Gulf of Mexico. VII. Atlantapseudes lindae, N. Sp. (Apseudidae) from the Continental Slope of the Northern Gulf of Mexico

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During 1983 through 1985, 53 specimens of Atlantapseudes lindae, new species, were collected in box core samples taken on the continental slope in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Atlantapseudes lindae can be distinguished from the only other member of the genus, A. nigrichela Băcescu, 1978 by several characters, including the length of the squama of antenna 2, which is no longer than the third peduncular segment, and the absence of anterolateral spines on pereonites 1-2 of females and 1-6 on males. The diagnosis for genus Atlantapseudes Băcescu, 1978 is amended to include the presence of sexually dimorphic chelae and first antennae in fully developed males.

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